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Move Your Operation Forward

The QC Material Handling Equipment team is here to design, source, and install a conveyor system that optimizes your space and ultimately boosts your productivity.

Move Your Operation Forward

The QC Material Handling Equipment team is here to design, source, and install a conveyor system that optimizes your space and ultimately boosts your productivity.

Conveyor systems are universally utilized to move raw materials or products from one place to another. Many times, implementation of this technology eliminates the need for human labor in the product transportation process, thus improving efficiency and lowering the risk of injury. There are many distinct conveyor designs built for various applications, most of which can be found below. Our team of industry professionals will assist in designing and implementing a system that works for you, regardless of time or budgetary constraints. Reach out today to get started!

We specialize in food-grade (FDA-compliant, sanitary, etc.) and turnkey conveyor solutions

We specialize in food-grade and turnkey conveyor solutions


Belted conveyors feature a rubber or plastic belt fed over roller beds or slider beds. They require a motor and provide more control over the product being conveyed than standard rollers due to their superior gripping, flow control, and added support for the product. They are very versatile systems that can be implemented in a variety of environments.

Drag Chain

Drag Chain conveyors utilize a metal power chain/s to transport large, bulky materials or products over long distances. They can move large volumes of materials at slower speeds and with less horsepower due to their unique utilization of the space inside the conveyor housing. These conditions ultimately contribute to lower wear-and-tear on the system and lower energy and operating costs.


Flex Conveyor systems are typically utilized in the transportation of boxed goods, especially the loading and unloading of trucks. The units expand, contract, and bend to fit whatever application is needed for the job. They are usually found in distribution, packaging, or operations that are changing their lines frequently. These systems can be electrically powered or employ the force of gravity and contain either rollers or skate wheels throughout.

Food-Grade (Sanitary/Stainless)

Sanitary conveyors include any system cleared by the FDA and USDA to be used in the production and/or processing of food products or pharmaceuticals. Their frames are often built with stainless steel for its antimicrobial properties and can be repeatedly washed down without experiencing wear or deterioration. Many times, the belts on these systems will lift out for maximal sanitation. Sanitary conveyors are available in a variety of configurations.

Gravity Roller

Gravity Roller conveyors harnesses the force of gravity to move product without the use of an external power source. These conveyors can be mounted to the floor or on casters, and can be straight, curved, or flexible. They are a very cost-effective solution and are best suited for conveying items with flat bottoms.

Line Shaft

Line Shaft conveyors feature rollers that are powered by a single shaft running beneath the rollers. Spools connect each roller to the shaft, causing each individual roller to rotate when the shaft is powered. These systems are suited for lightweight applications and are often used to transport cardboard boxes and small goods. Benefits include easy installation, low overhead, and a high degree of safety for those working near or with the conveyor.


Pallet conveyor is a blanket term used to describe any system that transports palletized products or the pallets themselves. They normally utilize drag chain, gravity, chain driven live roller, or cart-on-track technology. These systems must be able to move and control heavy loads and are therefore a more durable and powerful solution.

Powered Roller

Powered Roller conveyors, also known as Live Roller conveyors, share the same design as a gravity roller but are powered by a motor. This added power gives them the ability to transport larger and heavier loads, including palletized products. They are a very versatile and cost-effective solution that is built to last.

Skate Wheel

Skatewheel conveyors are passive (non-powered) systems that feature rows of independently-mounted skatewheels. Product is moved by the force of gravity or manual movement by employees. These systems are optimal for lightweight products with flat bottoms because they “roll” more easily than rollers can. They are often built to be portable or semi-permanent and offer a plethora of configuration options.


Sortation conveyors move product from one system to another in order to separate products and ultimately increase efficiency and production capacity. They come in a number of varieties, including shoe sorters, narrow belt sorters, right angle sorters, pivoting wheel sorters, merge conveyors, and pusher sorters. There are a number of options for sorting, but we will happily assist you in identifying a solution tailored to your facility.


Telescopic Conveyor systems are almost exclusively used for the purpose of loading and unloading freight from trucks. They can extend to the nose of the trailer, making your shipping/receiving operations much more efficient. They are often portable units featuring a conveyor belt over rollers and tie in with existing conveyor systems relatively easily.


Vertical conveyors are a broad group of systems that move products from one level to another. There are several conveyor types that accomplish this feat, including continuous vertical conveyors (CVCs), box lifters, spiral conveyors, and platform lifts (also know as an L-shaped conveyor or reciprocating elevator).

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A Proven Track Record

QC Material Handling Equipment has been in business for nearly a decade and has had the pleasure of partnering with numerous national brands. Our personalized approach and attention to detail guarantee that projects are completed efficiently and accurately. We pride ourselves on becoming an extension of your business in order to deliver impactful results that will ultimately enable your operation to reach new heights.

We are a proud distributor of Roach Conveyors, America’s premier manufacturer of engineered conveyor solutions. This relationship ensures that we are able to source and install the best conveyors in the country for the best price, every time. Call today to learn more about the wide variety of solutions available to you and your company.

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